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Role and Responsibilities


You will work to provide live-fly syllabus instruction to Student Naval Aviators in T-45C aircraft. You will work directly for the Site Manager and will be responsible for safe student pilot training in the associated aircraft supporting the CNATRA CIS Program. You will help train, mentor, and develop the next generation of Navy, Marine Corps, and partner nation carrier aviators and strike fighter pilots.



Applications will work full-time or part-time at one of two locations – Naval Air Station (NAS) Kingsville, TX or NAS Meridian, MS. Applications may, but shall not be required, to provide flight training during detachment operations at Naval Air Facility El Centro, CA or during carrier qualification (CQ) detachments at various operating locations.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Conduct scheduled ICI led/supported training (including briefs and debriefs)

  • Evaluate student performance during training as required. Debrief students using full replay/debrief capabilities of the device utilized for the training event.

  • Complete and submit grade sheets in the T-SHARP system or alternate method

  • Evaluate and record aircraft performance and/or deficiency in accordance with (IAW) established criteria. Document deficiencies on Maintenance Action Form (MAF).

  • Maintain, assess, and recommend improvements to training scenarios for effectiveness and currency.

  • Review curriculum; assess and recommend improvements to the training curriculum via the appropriate Training Officer or Stage Manager.

  • Other weapons system specific support responsibilities, as listed in contract appendices.

  • Ensures the content of instruction provided is appropriate to all current and implemented instructional materials and CNATRA Instructions/Notices.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Must have a bachelor's degree.

  • Be a former active-duty or reserve military aviator.

  • Possess an FAA Commercial Pilot certificate or Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with the appropriate category and class ratings (instrument rating with single engine privileges).

  • Possess and maintain a current FAA class 2 medical.

  • Have logged a minimum of 1000 flight hours as Pilot-in-Command, of which 500 hours were in tactical jet aircraft, strike pipeline jet aircraft, or E-2/C-2 carrier aircraft.

  • Contractor personnel shall be able to read, write, speak, and understand English fluently.

Preferred Skills

  • Previous T-45C Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) qualified pilot within the preceding five (5) years.

  • Prior experience as a tactical strike aircraft instructor pilot

Work Environment and Physical Demands

  • This job operates in aircraft, hangar, office, classroom, and simulator environments.

  • Work in a complex military training environment; communicate and maintain/submit required actions and reports by company, government and personal computer devices, plus current telephone and fax devices.

  • Will be working in areas with risk of electrical shock and from moving mechanical parts driven by hydraulics under high pressure.

  • Will at times be exposed to the following conditions: extreme heat, airborne particles, and loud noises.

  • Must be able to walk and/or climb stairs and ladder into an airplane cockpit.

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