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Our Mission

We are using technology and innovation to help rebuild America's aviation ecosystem.

Our challenge
Today’s training and readiness challenges require inventive solutions.

The US and its partners are facing pressing aviation training and readiness challenges. Aircraft cost is escalating, threats are evolving, and budgets are tight. U.S. airlines are struggling to double pilot hiring during the next decade. Emerging eVTOL aircraft are set to drastically raise the need for new pilots.

Solving these training challenges requires new approaches. Pilot training and aviation sustainment cannot remain wedded to the same technology, approaches, and habit patterns used for decades. Valor Air Services was founded to build new solutions to train aircrews at the right cost, right time, and right number.

Our business
Applying technology and best of breed operations to train pilots more effectively.

Valor Air Services is an aviation and defense training company. Unlike many contractors, we don’t wait for our customers to tell us what they need. We crowd source information and ideas from the deckplates, ready rooms, and cockpits to identify challenges and develop solutions to fix them.

We bring the best of technology, digital insights, and operations from other sectors and apply them to aviation and defense training. This saves customers time and money – letting them focus on the most important thing - their mission.

Our team
Mixing the best of military aviation and civilian flight operations.

The aviation industry is locked in a battle for talent. Training and retaining the pilots needed to meet national security objectives and airline capacity expansion plans will require data, insights into employee expectations, and adopting new, more flexible and creative ways of working.

Valor Air Services’ management team are veteran military aviators, former government administrators, legislative affairs specialists, subject matter experts from leading management consultancies. Our people are laser focused on helping our customers prepare for and complete their toughest missions.     

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