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Unmanned vehicle operators
Providing experienced personnel to meet global ISR demands.

Unmanned air operations are accelerating as services rapidly stand-up new orbits. In a data-driven world where information is the key to lethality, meeting commanders' demands is paramount.

Valor Air Services has a cadre of former military air vehicle operators and technicians to meet your operations and training needs. With the right mix of active-duty, reserve, and contract personnel, we can keep you focused on what's important - the mission.

Full-spectrum services
Expert services across the unmanned vehicle value chain.

Air vehicle operations is only one small part of the ISR value-chain. From academics, mission planning, training support, and extracting and analyzing data, efficient unmanned operations take a variety of skills.

Our team members have the right mix of experience, skills, and clearances to meet your needs for any part of the ISR mission.

Flexible personnel solutions
Meet your ISR operations targets with flexible AVO manning.

Optimizing unmanned operations means achieving the right balance of aircraft availability, personnel, and training assets. Balancing each factor is complex and difficult to predict - especially given the challenging labor and supply chain environment.

Valor Air Services' contract unmanned personnel allow you to ramp up and down your manning - without impacting full-time headcount. Our network allows us to recruit and onboard a variety of personnel - from experienced AVOs to intelligence analysts.

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