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Contract instructor pilots
Providing experienced instructors to meet pilot training needs.

Training the next generation and reaching pilot production goals takes the right number of jets and experienced instructor pilots.

Valor Air Services has a cadre of former military instructor pilots to meet your training needs. With more instructors, you can improve production output or keep more of your currently qualified pilots in front-line squadrons and ready for the toughest missions. 

Unmatched insights
Our instructor  programs are built by pilots for pilots. 

The aviation labor market is highly competitive. We know that veteran instructors have many options - from major airlines, corporate aviation, and aggressor training. 

Valor Air Services has built its instructor pilot offerings with this competition in mind. Attractive compensation, great benefits, administrative support, and culture shaped by aviators are a few of the things we use to build successful contract instructor pilot programs.

Flexible personnel solutions
Meet your production targets with flexible instructor manning.

Optimizing pilot production means achieving the right balance of aircraft availability, airspace, simulator capacity, and instructor pilot manning. Balancing each factor is complex and difficult to predict.

Valor Air Services' contract instructor pilots allows you to ramp up and down your instructor manning - without impacting full-time headcount. Our network allows us to recruit and onboard a variety of personnel - from primary training IPs to weapons and tactics instructors.

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