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Personnel insights

Recruiting the next generation of airline pilots

Airline pilot recruiting
Let us find the pilot candidates needed for your hiring goals.

The battle for aviation labor is fierce. You need to meet capacity expansion plans, but have to do so affordably. Recruiting means targeting the right candidates. 

Valor Air Services has highly detailed insights into pilot candidate groups. We can help you find, connect with, and hire cadets with the skills and motivation to move rapidly into a first officer role.

Transitioning veterans
Non-traditional veteran candidates can help meet your hiring goals. 

Interest in aviation careers is dropping with many young people. Finding pilot cadets with the skills, motivation, and financial resources to train is tough.

Non-traditional veterans with aviation experience like helicopter pilots, aircrew, and navigators have the skills and experience to succeed. In many cases, their training can be funded by the government. 

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Pilot recruiting insights
Use our data to find and recruit the pilot cadets you need.

Finding non-traditional pilot candidates shouldn't take guess work. That's why we developed data-driven analytics to find high-potential veteran candidates.

Valor Air Services' pilot recruiting databases bring a highly detailed picture of military aviation. This helps you build tailored recruiting campaigns down to the ZIP code level - finding candidates effectively and affordably.

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